Introducing ‘Monica’s Hearing Club’

The Most Personalized Audiological Care in Atlanta

You will receive concierge level attention, whether you are an existing hearing aid wearer or a new patient experiencing how fun it is to get hearing aids for the first time.

What You’ll Receive as a Member:

#1 - Annual hearing evaluations

You will have your hearing comprehensively tested. It’s quick, non-invasive and we’ll share the results with you immediately.

#2 - Demo of the latest hearing aids and accessories (ask about our “try it out at home” opportunities)

With access to all major hearing aid brands, you’ll be able to demo the latest hearing devices based on your unique circumstances and lifestyle. You can even “try it out at home” to experience the real-world difference for yourself.

#3 - Access to all major hearing aid brands

There are no limitations in finding the right hearing aids for you. We’re not limited to what we can offer – we’ll be able to help you to find what is perfect for you.

#4 - Reprogramming of hearing aids

To ensure your hearing aids are always performing to their best, your hearing devices will be continually reprogrammed to deliver the highest possible performance.

#5 - Virtual audiology appointments

With your convenience being a priority, you can receive virtual appointments from the comfort of your own home, allowing you to receive help remotely.

#6 - Complimentary hearing aid cleanings

To ensure your hearing aids are well maintained and perform to their best standard, you’ll receive complimentary hearing aid cleanings.

#7 - Waxtraps, domes and receiver replacements

Just like your car requires occasional new tires and an oil change, your hearing devices are the same. As part of my membership, this is fully inclusive to ensure your devices are always performing for you.

#8 - Loaner devices available

If your device ever requires repairs, then you will be fitted with a loaner hearing device to ensure that you never go without the support of premium hearing technology.

#9 - Upgrade program

To help you stay in the latest and greatest hearing technology, our upgrade program allows you to step into something new and benefit from the latest technological changes to get the best possible performance, both now and forever.

#10 - Cerumen Removal

By partnering with me you can be sure that all aspects of your hearing health are being cared for, from simple things like ear wax removal to anything more complicated with a host of trusted ENT partners that you can be referred to. Working with a hearing professional means that we don’t just help with your hearing loss but can help with your overall hearing health.

#11 - Weekend And Evening Appointments

For many of our members, daytime appointments are not convenient. That’s why I have availability during weekends and evenings to support members with highly convenient appointment options.

#12 - Insurance benefits concierge service

As a member, you’re able to access our on-team insurance specialist that will be able to speak to your insurance provider on your behalf to maximize your benefits and reduce your out-of-pocket expense.

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“Before seeking treatment with Monica, I was struggling with clarity and recognition. She has always gone above and beyond for us. Short notice repairs and appointments. Monica has always treated us like family. My Mom, uncle, and office manager are clients also. Monica is the only one in her field that I have ever recommended. Don’t bother to waste time looking, go straight to Monica. I have recommended her to many friends and family and have received a whole bunch of “Thank You.” I have been a client of Monica for close to 30 years.”

– Maggie D.

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The real stars of the show are my "HEARoes". They are proud hearing aid wearers who show off their cool hearing aid technology to their friends and family.