Hearing Aid Static Issues With Apple’s 12th Generation Devices

by | Dec 18, 2020 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Technology

In my 25 years of experience working in the audiology field across Atlanta, I have learned the importance of troubleshooting, especially when it comes to hearing aids.

Members of the hard of hearing community rely on technology and other resources to support and assist them throughout daily routines. It is up to trusted hearing care experts such as myself to make sure patients get what they need.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as smoothly as planned, but, luckily, Atlanta’s leading hearing care expert is always here to help.

Find out what has been going on with the Apple iPhone 12 and why it could be problematic for hearing aid users.

Apple’s iPhone 12 Presents Unexpected Audio Issues

When it comes to electronics, Apple has a reputation for delivering some of the most innovative and groundbreaking items on the market. Apple’s customers were looking forward to releasing the iPhone’s newest model, but many people found themselves frustrated and disappointed.

Shortly after Apple began selling the new product, customers began sharing some startling information.

One comment in Apple’s forum read, “I just got my iPhone 12pro 4 days ago.  The phone connects to my new Oticon hearing aids, but there was immediately static in the left ear whenever I get a notification or close the phone.  It’s now bounced to the right ear and is extremely annoying, to the point that I have to turn off my Bluetooth so I can use my phone peacefully.  I’m at my audiologist, and we called Oticon, and they said they and Apple are aware of this and working on it.  Guess I’ll have to wait, impatiently!!!”

There were many more comments in the discussion mirroring this sentiment and frustration. As the thread indicated, Apple was aware of the issue and told customers a solution was in the works.

However, in the meantime, many people who live with hearing loss and bought the 12th generation device began contemplating if the wait would be worth it.

Has Apple Fixed The Hearing Aid Issues With Apple 12th Generation Devices?

Apple quickly became aware of iPhone 12’s sound quality issue regarding the Bluetooth connectivity and hearing aids. The technology company even eluded that a fix would be available with the upcoming software update. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

The iOS 14.2.1 software update did seem to alleviate a few of the issues, but the unwanted static and disruptive noises continued for many.

More iPhone 12 users returned to Apple’s forum confirming that the fix Apple promised is not actually working. The hard of hearing community is frustrated and disheartened. Another user in the Apple discussion wrote, “We are waiting on a fix from Apple or ReSound. Basically, this is a lesson for us all not to be the first upgraders when we depend so much on this technology.”

Though it definitely seems like an oversight on Apple’s end, fortunately, people who live with hearing loss can always seek the help and assistance of the trusted professionals in the audiology industry.

Turn To A Trusted Audiologist

Many people can relate to the frustrations that come with pairing hearing aids to electronic devices.

Bluetooth connectivity issues are not uncommon, and the ongoing sound quality issues with the iPhone 12 are a testimony to that.

No matter what is going on with you and your hearing aid, I am here to help.

Contact my office today with any of your hearing aid questions and inquiries.

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