Monica’s Story

A Personal Message from Monica Walker

The misconception that many people make—especially when initially considering their options—is that they believe that the hearing technology is the most important component. They’re wrong.

The truth is, the most important part of achieving better hearing is working with the rightprovider/partner.

That’s why, after many years of working in busy environments to care for thousands of people’s hearing across Atlanta, I made the decision to focus on what actually matters – building real-world relationships to offer the highest level of hearing care available to trusted friends.

Through my “HEARoeClub,” I work hands-on to personally care for a small number of incredible people to help them achieve better hearing, and going above and beyond to deliver much more than just hearing care.

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The real stars of the show are my "HEARoes". They are proud hearing aid wearers who show off their cool hearing aid technology to their friends and family.


“I feel that all of the best service providers begin by taking the time to listen to you”

“I don’t have to recommend Monica, but I have done so several times!”

“I would fly across the country to see Monica over any other audiologist.”