What Do Members Say About Partnering with Monica Walker?

Rachel S - Monicas Hearoes


I’ve had a bilateral sensory neural hearing loss since age 5. When I moved back to Atlanta, I experienced an episode where I started getting severe tinnitus in my left ear, which is the ear I used to wear my hearing aid, and I could no longer use the aid in that ear. Monica goes above and beyond my expectations every time I have ever seen her. She never rushes. She gives you her undivided attention. She never makes you feel like you have a disability. I am extremely particular about the settings on my hearing aid and she was always patient with me. She has driven to my house, not once, but twice, to help me out. I don’t know anyone else who would do that. I have seen many audiologists in my lifetime. Monica is the only one who tries to put herself in your shoes and understand you. She’s the best I’ve ever experienced.

– Rachel S.


Before meeting Monica, I could hear well in quiet rooms with just one person, but with larger crowds in louder rooms I could not hear well. And as a result, I often screamed at people, giving the impression that I was angry or rude.

Monica helped me understand that my problems stemmed from a sensory input issue. And she gave me the language to simply explain my disability to others. Not only did she give me hearing aids to help with my hearing, she gave me the language tools to navigate how I was perceived.

When I purchased my newest hearing aids, I really wanted ones that would pair with my Apple device to enable me to listen to podcasts while exercising, as I am unable to wear earbuds. She worked with me and with the manufacturers to ensure that I received the best devices for MY unique needs.

I feel that all of the best service providers begin by taking the time to listen to you. They find out what your challenges are and what you hope to achieve through working with them. Only once they have done this can they truly help by recommending the best product for you. Monica has done this for me for the past 7 years.

– Cheryl C.

Cheryl C - monicas hearoes


Prior to seeking treatment, I was missing hearing high tones and some low tones, especially in my right ear. Monica always makes time to see you even if she has to make a house visit. She is concerned about your hearing, not selling aids. Anyone can sell aids. It’s the adjustment and follow up that makes the “Monica” difference. Monica wants you to hear better. She will work with your current aids or recommend a good replacement if needed. She is about serving your hearing needs, not selling aids.

– John S.


In my left ear, I have a high frequency loss and speech discrimination difficulties. In my right ear, I am deaf from an acoustic neuroma. Monica helped me to select the optimal hearing aid for my conditions. Then tuning & adjusting the settings based on my real life experiences. This continues to this day, multiple years that I’ve had my current aid, including periodic tubing replacement. I don’t have to recommend her, but I have done so several times! In my experience, it’s the audiologist that makes the aid a success and Monica has been skilled & unlimited in her efforts to support my needs. She is a consummate professional.

– Glenn L.

Glen L - monicas hearoes


I sought treatment because of my inability to follow conversations. Monica is a terrific problem solver who is always thinking of ways to give her clients great results affordably. Over the years that she has worked with my family, there have been a number of weird issues that she has resolved with the efficiency of a hearing aid MacGyver, including the time my son left a hearing aid in the rain overnight and the time my hearing aid was run over by a FedEx truck. Monica handles life’s curve balls with focus, graciousness, and good cheer. A consultation with Monica is not a sales pitch; it is a conversation with someone who cares. Monica is a people person and a great listener. Before she suggests any answers, she wants to understand the person and the problem.

– Molly M.


It was early on in my hearing loss when I sought treatment, so there were no particular problems. When I moved to Atlanta, I needed an audiologist and found Monica. I have been with her for almost 20 years. When I had some problems with my hearing aids, Monica offered to come to my home to adjust them. And she did, even though it was outside the perimeter! If you want someone who can hear you and work with very specific hearing losses such as mine, Monica is the person you can trust to listen and work with you until you are satisfied. She is warm, humorous, and genuinely interested in serving her clients.

– Maggie D.


Before seeking treatment with Monica, I was struggling with clarity and recognition. She has always gone above and beyond for us. Short notice repairs and appointments. Monica has always treated us like family. My Mom, uncle, and office manager are clients also. Monica is the only one in her field that I have ever recommended. Don’t bother to waste time looking, go straight to Monica. I have recommended her to many friends and family and have received a whole bunch of “Thank You.” I have been a client of Monica for close to 30 years.

– Ronnie G.


With other audiologists, I had limited brand options for hearing aids, I was unable to try before buying, and they had a lack of knowledge of all the new technology available with hearing aids. Monica delivered my new hearing aid ear inserts to me downtown one day because she knew it was difficult for me to get to her office. She’s AMAZING and I would fly across the country to see her over any other audiologist.


– Amanda C.

Amanda C - monicas hearoes


Before seeing Monica, I was unable to hear conversations when there was lots of background noise and at restaurants. I couldn’t hear just a casual conversation. However, Monica continued to work with me when it seemed like I had no real alternatives or choices, and with her what I was able to find were some things that worked. Honestly, we’re still not there, but she’s continuing to work with me and that is a blessing to me, and anyhow I really appreciate her. She’s willing to find Solutions where there don’t seem to be Solutions and it’s just a real pleasure to work with her. Personally, I appreciate it very much.

– Bill M.


Before meeting Monica, my hearing aids were old fashioned, out of date, and poor quality. She has always been willing to work with me financially over a period of time to pay off my hearing aids since they are very much needed but has never been covered through my traditional health insurance plans. She’s the person to see if you want honest, professional, reliable, and always compassionate hearing aid services.

– Stephanie S.

Stephanie S -  monicas hearoes
Russ D - monicas hearoes


Before visiting Monica, I could not hear anything. I was totally deaf. Monica gave me the ability to not only hear sounds good but also to understand tones to make out what people were actually saying. Without Monica, I would still be in the dark. I am a very difficult person to please. She constantly changed my program until I was able Beer sounds and make out what people were saying. In my case, this took almost a year. Monica never gave up until I was able to hear to my satisfaction. Monica is more than a hearing specialist, she is a friend. Monica will listen to your needs and adjust your hearing aids accordingly. Monica spent close to a year tuning my hearing aids to my faction. She will treat you as family and not just another patient. I have never met anyone so generous.

– Russ D.


Prior to meeting Monica, I received care through another provider. I never saw the same audiologist twice so there was no ongoing relationship with the same professional. If I had a question between visits, it was days before I received a call back. However, since its inception, a strong, responsive professional relationship has been developed with Ms. Walker. I underwent surgery to clip a brain aneurysm in January 2020. Concerned about additional hearing loss following the surgery, I was able to be seen for a re-evaluation with Ms. Walker within day of my hospital discharge. Monica Walker is an experienced audiologist who listens to her patients and develops effective treatment plans to maximize hearing capability.

– Marty S.

Marty S - monicas hearoes
Steve B - monicas hearoes


Monica is very flexible in trying to provide a very workable solution to your hearing loss and will work tirelessly to that end. She lent me loaners (both aids were dead) beyond the normal window allowed while dealing with an issue before I could get my hearing aids. She does what it takes to make it work. She’s a goddess for the hearing impaired! She will work with you to get it right so you can regain the quality of life through being able to hear as best as you can. That’s priceless.

– Steve B.


I have moderate hearing loss with hearing aids in both ears. Monica is always pleasant and caring. When I’m having trouble with my hearing aids, she troubleshoots them quickly or she sends me out with another solution (when a repair is required). That’s very important to me because my hearing loss is unique (my hearing aids are a must have). Monica always makes me feel like I am a priority each visit. Monica is a special person and she will take care of you and your hearing aid needs.

– Michelle B.

Michelle B - monicas hearoes


Before seeing Monica, I was having a problem hearing well in general and a problem with background noise. Monica allowed me to try a set of hearing aids before buying them. She explained that I am marginal in being helped by aids. So far, the prognosis is the same. I return to Monica annually for review. Monica is very professional, knowledgeable, thorough and ethical. Plus, she is a delight to work with. She came highly recommended to me and I would highly recommend her.

– Annelle M.


Before seeing Monica, I was struggling to find the right hearing aid to work with my hearing loss and lifestyle. I think Monica always goes above and beyond what is expected of her. She sincerely cares about her clients and will work with you until things are perfect. Monica is the best audiologist in town. She’s very knowledgeable, professional, and will work with you to find the perfect fit. Anytime there is a problem, she’s there to help.

– Kristi P.

Helaine S - monicas hearoes


I was already wearing aids when I went to see Monica, but she was able to comprehend where I needed more volume and sounds to adjust aids accordingly. Monica always accommodates me whenever I’ve needed assistance! She knows it’s a very sensitive issue for many folks, ALWAYS understands, and jumps right in to resolve the problem! She is the BEST, in my opinion! I’ve been dealing with this close to thirty plus years.

– Helaine S.


Before seeking treatment, I had no clarity in what people were saying. Never has Monica excluded helping me even when I faced financial difficulties! Always helpful! Monica treats you as an individual, she never presumes each patient the same! She is patient and kind! I think you will also enjoy her humor!

At the same time, she is smart and professional!

– Terese W.

Terese W - monicas hearoes
Carol C - monicas hearoes


I switched to Monica because the first audiologist did not give me the opportunity to try several different hearing aids. Monica tried several with me before we decided on one. The other audiologist was in a building with a pay parking lot, and it was difficult to get in and out with the traffic. As I said before, she tried several different products and even let me take 2 sets of hearing aids home to try with TV etc. I came to see her every week at the beginning when I was getting accustomed to the aids. For all the above reasons and more, she is the best.

– Carol C.


I was born with a severe congenital nerve loss in both ears. I’ve been wearing hearing aids since I was five years old. I’ve seen the whole evolution in hearing aid technology during my lifetime, and it’s been an amazing process for me. Monica has provided me with the latest technology for the past twenty years. I’m grateful for her services. Monica will meet her clients in their homes to help fit them with new hearing aids. She provides a level of service, compassion, and caring that I have never seen among other audiologists. Monica will provide the best solution to whatever hearing issue you may have. I’ve been her client for over 20 years, so that should tell you something about my faith in her as a dedicated and experienced audiologist.

– Russ C.

Carole A - monicas hearoes


I have an opposite hearing loss from many people in that mine is hereditary. Monica was able to work with me to best tweak my hearing aids to fit my loss. She is always willing to talk or meet and go the extra mile over the years. Including mailing supplies or making a house call for my mom when needed. She knows her stuff and has been working in this profession for years. She is wonderful to work with. I drive a long way just to see her because she is worth it!

– Carole A.


Before meeting Monica, I was wearing hearing aids that didn’t seem appropriate to my hearing loss. Monica is concerned about me and my hearing difficulties. She has come to my house and we’ve had a driveway appointment to get my aids adjusted. She always tries to find a way to make my hearing better. I have recommended Monica and I told my friend that Monica always works hard to get the aids that are needed and will work diligently to find the proper adjustment, if needed. She is friendly and honest. She will not prescribe aids that you do not need.

– Kay G.

Kay G - monicas hearoes


Monica is very talented and experienced with her former equipment when I first contacted her in, I believe, 1998. Now when both my wife and I visit her— or in this case of the corona virus—she actually made a house call and has increased and updated her ability to make any corrections to the settings on our audio devices. She tests our hearing annually. Monica is not only knowledgeable but very patient with her explanations and is always available to answer any of our questions. We are very pleased with her as our audiologist.

– Peter H.


I’m deaf in my left ear, so at times I wouldn’t hear people when they were trying to talk to me. My previous pair of hearing aids were not that good. They weren’t strong enough for me. Monica helped me get a new pair that had more features and could connect to an app, which I could use to raise the volume of the hearing aids. Monica will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with any type of hearing aids you get from her.

– Dylan S.

Dylan S - monicas hearoes
Andre W - monicas hearoes


I came to see Monica because I had a high frequency loss. She helped me to understand exactly what was going on with my hearing and helped me to get the best hearing aids according to my specific needs. Monica is very knowledgeable. She caters to your individual hearing needs and goes out of her way to make sure you are more than satisfied with your hearing aids. Monica cares more about you than your money.

– Andre W.


Before meeting Monica, I was not getting the correct hearing aids for my hearing loss. Monica has always gone above and beyond to solve any problem that I have had. She is a kind and caring person who will listen to your problems and help you solve them. She really wants to help her clients achieve the best hearing they can.

– Judith A.

Julie L -  monicas hearoes


I have a hereditary hearing loss. Monica is always available when I need her and takes care of everything. All I have to do is come in and she has everything ready for me. Hands down, the best hearing provider in the area.

– Julie L.


Other audiologists are not as friendly and caring as Monica. The day before my departure for France, I had problems with my hearing and did not have time to go to her office: she came to my house and fixed everything. She is professional, caring, and friendly.

– Irene S.

Irene S - monicas hearoes
Eric S - monicas hearoes


Prior to seeing Monica, I was finding it difficult to get state of the art hearing aids that worked. I like how Monica worked with my insurance company to get my hearing aids purchased before my benefits expired. Meeting clients’ needs is her top priority.

– Eric S.


I have a total loss of hearing in one ear and a great difficulty hearing out of the other. I really like how Monica donates her time and expertise assessing and connecting clients with aids they were unable to afford. Simply the best.

– Eloise N.


Before meeting with Monica, I was finding it difficult to get my hearing aids properly tuned. The first time I met with Monica, she spent about two hours (until well after her normal business hours) with me to make sure my HAs fit and were tuned properly – and I had not bought my hearing aids from her! Monica is very knowledgeable about HAs and takes great care of her clients.

– Linda S.


Other audiologists gave me inconsistent answers and at times appeared to want to know what I wanted instead of telling me what I needed. On short notice, Monica would meet with me during her lunch period and in the mornings before her normal opening time. Monica keeps a pleasant efficient office. After the completion of the visit, she will explain her recommendation in such a way that you can easily understand the recommendation.

– Nelson G.


Before visiting Monica, I was unable to hear all conversations. Monica does go way above and beyond. She had repeatedly sent me items needed, and made special trips to my house as needed. Be sure to see Monica when looking for a hearing aid.

– Elizabeth M.


Prior to meeting Monica, I was having difficulty in hearing people talk. She is very professional and will be able to help you with your hearing problems.

Theresa T

Ann M - monicas hearoes


I felt like other audiologists didn’t take time to understand my needs, personalities didn’t mesh. Monica always goes above and beyond what is expected, but the time that stands out the most is when she fixed my hearing aids after I had super glued them! I’ve been to six audiologists. Monica is the best and her pricing is competitive.

– Ann M.


Before seeing Monica, I was having problems listening to the TV – now the “streaming” has totally upgraded my enjoyment. Monica came to my home – installed the “streaming.” She truly LISTENS. There is NO better.

– Leah F.

Travis R - monicas hearoes


Prior to visiting Monica, I was unable to hear clearly. Monica came and met me at my home once to get me fitted and run a hearing test. Great support and service! Great audiologist, very professional and easy to work with.

– Travis R.


I visited Monica for just basic testing and the understanding that I needed hearing aids. She has gone above and beyond in everything she has done for me: letting me try a set before purchasing, then working with me to get the financing that I needed. Best person ever!

– Oscar J.

Jim G - monicas hearoes


Prior to my first appointment with Monica, I was having difficulty hearing, especially at higher frequencies. She is genuinely concerned. She does not rush you. She listens very carefully to your concerns. I would not go to anyone else.

– Jim G.


I was not hearing conversations well. In working with my sister-in-law, who needed a specialized fitting, she was able to find an aid that has worked very well for her. She is very experienced and personable. She will work hard to find what is needed in the situation.

– Nancy C.

Nancy C - monicas hearoes


I went to see Monica because I’ve had a gradual loss of hearing over the years. She is always available and has made several house calls to help me out. Monica is a pleasure to work with. She is very professional and frank in her assessments. She puts the patient first.

– Howard S.


I have a hearing loss in both ears. Monica recently went above and beyond for me by meeting me near my home for my convenience. She will be very patient with you and really try to help you.

– Rick V.

Rick V - monicas hearoes


Prior to seeing Monica, my husband’s hearing aids were not working well for him. Monica is kind, caring, proficient, wanting to charge nothing when my husband needed a tune-up. She will go out of her way to make certain your experience and hearing aid are the very best.

– Julie H.


I made an appointment with Monica, as I was missing too much conversation. Our initial meeting was special. She helped me to be very comfortable. Over the years, she has helped so much … most often remotely, but also in her office. Thank you!! Trust her … she will help you to recognize your hearing issues, and offer very effective solutions.

– Dave T.

David T - monicas hearoes
Susan O - monicas hearoes


My hearing had become bad enough for me to require some help. Monica impressed me with her energetic friendliness that made for a cheerful visit. She always tries to be sure I am the most comfortable with her adjustments, doing extra adjusting if necessary. Monica always tells me what she learns about my hearing when she tests it. Also, she understands quickly when I describe what I hear when she makes her adjustments.

– Susan O.


Prior to meeting Monica, my hearing loss became evident. After a hearing test, Monica was recommended to me. She is conscientious and seems to care about her clients.

– Mike and Luise S.

Ken F - monicas hearoes


Prior to seeing Monica, I had a very little high frequency constant ringing. Monica is very pleasant, has a great personality, and is prompt and efficient. She will analyze your hearing, get whatever you need, and keep you posted with excellent service.

– Ken F.


I’ve moved several times and had to develop new relationships with audiologists each time. Monica made sure I have the best setup for the environment I work in … it’s brutal on hearing aids. She listens to you and gives you the best advice.

– Charlton H.

Charlton H - monicas hearoes
Rochelle C - monicas hearoes


I came to see Monica because I did not feel comfortable with the provider I was using. Their knowledge base. Monica always fits me in when I have a hearing related need. She’s empathetic. She’s knowledgeable, caring, timely, responsive.

– Rochelle C.


I have diminished hearing. Monica worked me in during emergencies w/o appointments. She has responded professionally and creatively to many hearing issues I’ve had. Outstanding in every way—professionally and personally.

– Howard B.

Howard B - monicas hearoes
Loyd K - Monicas hearoes


I was having difficulty hearing as well as affording hearing aids. Monica helped me find hearing aids as well as knowing that I needed help paying for them. Monica has been working with people with hearing loss for years and is attentive to your needs plus she has a great sense of humor.

– Loyd K.


With other audiologists, I experienced poor customer service. I like the fact that Monica supplies batteries free of charge. Expect prompt, courteous, and helpful advice at all times.

– Andrew S.

Pastor Andrew S - monicas hearoes


Before I saw Monica, I was not able to hear in large groups or in restaurants and it was difficult to hear the TV. She has always been available whenever you need her, even if you need her on a weekend. Monica is very professional and knows what a client needs. I have tried several and she is the best.

– Rich K.


My previous hearing provider’s service wasn’t personal like Monica’s. She’s in a class by herself. I just called her because I had a problem with one of my aids and she is always positive and helpful. She researched it and was back to me the next day with a solution. She’s the best. You don’t need to talk to anyone else.

– Bill L.

Jay M - monicas hearoes


Before visiting Monica, I was having problems with clarity of speech sounds and the overall comfort of hearing aid(s). Every visit with Monica has its unique moments. She listens and goes the extra mile to exceed expectations. Every time. She’s like a favorite relative the type you look forward to seeing because she remembers all the little things that make the journey better.

– Jay M.


Before meeting Monica, I found high pitches difficult to hear. She went above and beyond my expectations when she delivered replacement materials to my home. Monica is adept, knowledgeable, and very pleasant to deal with

– Fred S.


I started going to Monica after my previous audiologist retired. Monica always has been very helpful and has solved any problems expeditiously. She is very knowledgeable and very competent.

– Dr. James P.

Charlie E - monicas hearoes


I have poor hearing in most situations. I have revisited Monica multiple times for minor tweaks and supplies. She has always accommodated my busy schedule. She is competent, efficient, professional, and nice!

– Charlie E.


I had a loss of hearing due to surgery. Monica is awesome! Always looking for creative solutions that work for an individual’s lifestyle. Very kind, generous, and super helpful! Monica will do the right thing for you versus what would make her the most money! Trustworthy, competent, and a genuinely nice person.

– Liz F.


Prior to meeting Monica, my hearing aids were not up to par and I had no audiologist. Monica goes beyond my expectations when she meets me away from the office and even at a Starbucks. She’s passionate about the ability for her patients to hear normally.

– Ted S.

Ted S - Monicas Hearoes
Craig W - monicas hearoes


My visit with Monica was wonderful. She makes the transition of using hearing aids easy. She is a delight to work with and just an amazing person. This is a hurdle I will get over and start using my hearing aids.

– Craig W.


When Monica put these hearing aids in my ear it was like a life saving moment for me. I was speechless. I thank God for a loving warming heart person like Monica who cares and wants the best for her patients. She is so lovable and very inspiring on how she does her job and works with you on anything and I am thankful and blessed for her. Thank you my dear friend.

– Ladedra D.

Ladedra D - monicas hearoes
Sheila S - Monicas Hearoes


Thank god I found her!

– Sheila S.


Perfect !
Perfect !
We love you Monica !

– Dr Phillip N. 

Dr. Phillip N - monicas hearoes
Michael L - monicas hearoes


Thanks Monica for providing loaners while I searched for my missing hearing aids. Guess what?!?  I found it!!!  My daughter Ellie tried to put it on her doll’s ear and it got caught in her hair! 

– Michael L.

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