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Monica's Thoughts

The innovative technology applied to hearing instruments is one of the most rapidly advancing sectors of technology, and hearing aids are no longer something awkward and embarrassing to deal with. Hearing aids are becoming, dare I say it, cool.

Have You Noticed There Are More Young People Wearing Hearing Aids?

How in the world did wearing hearing aids become cool?  I mean, let’s face it...
Work smarter, harder, and with the confidence you need to make the most of your professional life.

Mastering Conference Calls: Harnessing the Power of Hearing Aids for Clear Communication!

Imagine going into an important conference call for work and wowing your coworkers with your...
Understanding these different types of hearing loss can help you make sense of the hearing challenges you’re facing.

Beyond Decibels: Understanding the Different Types and Causes of Hearing Loss

Imagine you're sitting in a crowded restaurant, and someone is trying to talk to you...